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  • 1. Variety of members
  • 2. Comprehensive profiles
  • 3. Free messaging options
  • 4. Discreet communication tools
  • 5. Secure payment methods
  • 1. Limited geographic reach
  • 2. Lack of diversity in users
  • 3. Potential for scams or frauds
  • 4. Inaccurate profiles and photos
  • 5. Difficulty verifying user authenticity


  • Tier:
  • Active Audience:
  • Quality Matches:
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    Free Review 2023: Pros, Cons & Features

Whether you’re new to online dating or just looking to try a new site, doing your research is always an important step. Our SDC review can save you a lot of time and potentially a lot of money too.

Since online dating has become the norm and WAY more popular with all the social distancing that’s happening, it’s vital that you find a quality option that works for you. Too many relationships start online for you to avoid it now. However, time and time again I review dating sites and come across total garbage. Fortunately, there are also a handful of great options.

We’ll get into the specifics soon but what I can tell you is that SDC seems promising. Still, does that mean it’s worth signing up for? The answer isn’t as black and white on this one so let’s take a closer look at what I found.

How we reviewed SDC
We review a lot of prevalent dating sites to keep you and your credit card safe out there. To make sure they’re all being assessed equally, there’s a process we run through with each of them.To kick things off, I’ll create a free account on the website, completing only the required fields. Lazy scam sites will spam a blank account with “women” who are “desperate for sex” so this is a great red flag. I’ll leave it this way for a day or two and see if my inbox starts to fill up.

After that, it’s time to populate my profile, just like I would with my own Hinge account. Now it’s time to actually use the site and see how many dates I can set up, if any. At this point, I’m using the site like any regular user and want to report back with helpful findings. This gives me a good insight into just how successful you can be without handing over money.

I’ll do this for a few weeks, depending on the site, then we’ll upgrade to a paid account. This gives me a great opportunity to compare the success of a free vs. paid account. This way I can give you a full rundown of how useful those paid features are and if it translated to more dates.

By keeping this process intact, the end result is a far more in-depth review rather than just regurgitating other reviews online. The more info you have, the better equipped you are to make your decision!


Table of Contents

Our Complete SDC Review – What We Actually Discovered

After reviewing so many dodgy dating sites in recent months, it was nice to come across a fresh template —  a site layout I hadn’t seen before. Dated as’s layout is, I was already hopeful that this was going to be legit and I might actually get dates out of it.

What I can say early on in this review is that it’s not a fake site. They give you some great tools to help you out and by all means, the profiles appear legit.

Site logo AFF Logo

 6  9.5
Quality of Women 

 7  9

 5  9

 3  10
Privacy & Safety 

 9  10

 2  9

 2  10
Our Recommendation

In our experience reviewing SDC we came away with mixed impressions. One one hand there did seem to be a fair number of real people using it but it isn’t the best option that we’ve found. We would recommend that you try out a few other sites first and then go back to if you don’t have any luck. It’s an OK site that is in the middle of the pack.

We’ve seen more guys have better luck on other sites, especially AFF. If you have to try one site first it should be AFF.

Keep in mind, these scores are based on my experience, presenting as a single guy. I’ll talk more about this soon but being a single guy on this site seems to be quite the hindrance. I fully expect the results to vary if I were in a relationship of some form.

Why I don’t recommend for single men

This is a simple case of supply and demand. SDC does a great job of creating a safe, secure environment for people to experiment and put themselves out there.

Since, overall, men tend to be more comfortable and forward about this, we’re in the vast majority. For every woman or couple that creates a profile, you can bet they’re receiving a string of messages from single men.

This is such a common thing on the site that many profiles even specifically say they’re not looking for single guys. They’re looking for couples or single women but not single men. Here’s an example:

What you are looking for

Sure, if you’re in that category it kind of sucks but at the same time, you can’t blame them, right? If that’s now what they’re looking for, the whole point of this site is to specify that.

A very quiet inbox during our SDC review

Further to this point, check out the state of my inbox after weeks of use. A single, very short conversation that went nowhere.

Sparse inbox

While I did reach out to a lot of women and couples, SDC only shows the conversation in your inbox when you get a reply.

Here’s a look at that conversation. Again, SDC doesn’t show my side of it unless they reply so this is as far as things went. Even as a paid user, this is as close as I ever got to an actual date as a single man.

Very short conversation

I expect it’s great for couples and single women

I can’t say from first-hand experience since that’s not how I presented myself here. Looking at the up to date profiles and real users though, it seems like you’d be successful in either of these categories.

Since I’m all about exploring sexuality and trying new experiences, I’d say give it a try if that’s your thing. If you’re single though, it’s a waste of time and money.

You’re better off with AFF

For single guys like me who are often not that popular on swingers sites, I suggest using AFF instead.

If getting laid is your main goal, AFF has a wealth of users all over the world who also want the same thing. And the best part? You don’t have to be super handsome or super kinky to find success. You can just be a regular joe who’s open about what you want and chances are you’ll find someone who’s right for you.


Pros and cons

Here’s what I liked and disliked about my experience using

  •  A dated layout which gets frustrating
  •  Flooded with single men

Design: An irritatingly dated layout

The site is intuitive for the most part. I never really felt as though I had to hunt for a setting or how to do something on the site. What I did find frustrating though is that, due to the framework it’s built on, you can’t open multiple tabs.

For example, say you’re looking at this grid of profiles right here:

Profiles on the site

You might see four profiles that interest you. On a more modern site, you can use your middle mouse button to click each of those four and open them in a different tab. Now it’s as simple as checking each tab one at a time.

On, you can’t do that. You have to click one profile, check it out, message them if you choose to, then click the back button. If you’re looking at multiple profiles, you need to keep bouncing back and forth which gets irritating after a while.

Along the same lines, you need to refresh the entire page for anything to change. For example, if you receive a new message, you won’t see a (1) next to your Mailbox button straight away. Instead, you have to refresh the page to see that number change.

These are first world problems, it’s true but boy do they get irritating over time.

SDC Alternatives Dating Coaches Recommend For Regular Men

A lot of normal guys are struggling on dating apps because they didn’t take the time to figure out what app will work for them. There are really only a few options out there that consistently work for regular guys. Try these first:

Site Our Experience Our Rating Free Trial Link
Best Hookup Site Right Now

Experience Highlights

Experience Highlights

  • Top option for local hookups by far
  • Best results for regular guys
  • Over 60 million active members
  • The design needs an update
Try AFF For Free
Great If You’re Handsome

Tinder Highlights

Tinder Highlights

  • Great if you’re pretty good looking
  • Very popular, especially if you’re 18-22
  • Really focused on photos
  • Becoming more of a dating than hookup app
Try Tinder
2nd Best For Most Guys

Experience Highlights

Experience Highlights

  • 2nd best option to find hookups
  • Attracts an older crowd than most hookup apps
  • Pretty popular
  • Solid free trial
Try Passion

Advanced filters let us be specific during our review of SDC

One thing I really liked on this SDC dating site review was the ability to narrow down your search. You get so many filter options so you can view only the profiles that interest you the most. While Tinder shows you every one of the right gender and age in your area, SDC lets you reduce the chatter.

What you can see in the screenshot below is a little less than half of your filter options. It really helps avoid being overwhelmed or spending time chatting to people that just aren’t right for you.

Filters to help you find exactly what you're looking for

Regular messages showing profiles you might want to see

Another feature I really enjoyed here were these automated messages from SDC.

Message that gives you a summary of users that fit your profile

You’ll periodically get these messages in your inbox. It’s a summary of the new users that fit your search parameters. Rather than having to rely on noticing a new profile, you get a shortlist of them right here.

Personally, I think that’s a great feature, both for the new user and the veterans of this dating site. It’ll help boost interaction for new people so they’re engaged while also giving the experienced users a heads up.

User profiles

Although dated like the rest of the site, the user profile section is mostly the same as any other. You’ll see their profile photos, a bit about the person (or couple) and have some options to interact.

User profile of a couple

Where SDC’s user profiles differ is in the additional info they provide. They refer to themselves as an “Erotic Dating for Open-Minded Couples & Singles” and they push that notion here.

Further down in the profile you’ll see information for each couple. Age, height, weight, experience levels, etc. — all info that’s very helpful if you’re looking to explore.

Detailed profile stats for couples

If you’re looking for something very specific, this can save you so much time. For example, maybe you’re specifically looking for short, petite women with experience in group play. Not only can you narrow this down with search filters, you can see exactly what she’s experienced with from her profile.

You can also see what she’s looking for as well. If you don’t meet her preferences, you can see that right here too which is a major help.

How much does an SDC membership cost?

Pricing informationAs always, the cost of membership varies depending on how long you sign up for. As we found out in our SDC review, if you want to try it yourself for a month, you’re looking at $24.95. Alternatively, it’s just $10 a month if you sign up for a year. For the best value, you can even pay for a lifetime membership for $250.

Personally, I’d suggest sticking with either one or three months to start with and see if it works out for you. If it does, by all means, it’s a legit site so go right ahead and support them.

You also get a free trial period at the start which is helpful. It means you can contact other members and do most things a paid member can during that period. After that though, a free profile isn’t all that helpful.

Here’s a full list of the benefits of a paid membership. Personally, if I were in a relationship and we’re looking to explore, I’d pay for an SDC membership. As a single guy though, I’d look elsewhere.

Benefits of a full membership

SDC Review: Frequently Asked Questions

To finish up our SDC review, let’s take a look at the most frequently asked questions. This review should cover everything you need to know but if I’ve missed something, leave a comment down below!

What is SDC?

SDC (Seek, Discover, Connect) is a dating site aimed at hookups and group play. All about exploring your sexuality and experimenting, it’s a safe space to put yourself out there and say exactly what you’re looking for. However, based on experience, SDC is more effective for women and couples.

Who actually owns is owned and operated by SDC media LLC and SDC Ventures LTD.

How can I contact SDC?

You can email SDC at [email protected] or call them at 1-866-417-9956

Is real?

Yes, is a real site with seemingly real people. However, in our experience, it looks like there are barely any active users on the site.

Is SDC legit?

SDC is a legitimate dating website. While you may struggle to get any meaningful interaction as a single guy, women and couples can expect a better experience.

Is a scam or fake? doesn’t seem like a scam in our experience. However, since it’s pretty much empty, we’d say it’s a waste of time using this site.

Is SDC safe?

It seems like SDC is relatively safe compared to other sites we’ve tried. They have a free trial where you can test out its features before paying for a paid membership. That’s a fairly promising practice.

What are alternatives?

If you’re a single guy, may not give you the most success. To save you a bunch of time, we covered the best hookup sites and apps available right now.

How does SDC work?

SDC is a hookup site that primarily caters to swingers. As a single man, you can browse through users and filter your searches until you find someone you like. You get a free trial that lasts about a day where you can contact other users and go into chatrooms. However, once the free trial is up, you’ll need a paid membership to use most of the site’s features.

Is there an app?

Yes, is available on Android and iOS.

How much does SDC cost?

The monthly cost of a premium SDC membership will vary depending on how long you sign up for. The best value is $250 for a lifetime membership, going all the way up to $24.95 for a single month.

I’d suggest trying it for one month first to make sure you’ll get the results you’re looking for.

How can you use for free?

Almost all of the most useful features are free during the trial period. This lasts for about a day.

Can you send messages for free on SDC?

Yes, you can send messages for free on SDC during the trial period.

How do you cancel your account?

Canceling your subscription is simple (always a sign of a quality dating site). Just follow these steps below to stop your next payment. Doing this will let you continue using the site as a paid member until the end of that billing period.

  • Click Settings in the top right corner
  • Click Account in the left side panel
  • Click the toggle next to Recurring Billing to deselect this option

How do you delete your SDC account?

Deleting your account is just as simple. Just follow these steps and your profile will be gone:

  • Click Settings in the top right corner
  • Click Account in the left side panel
  • Click Delete Account at the bottom right of this page

If you’re single or a couple looking to delve into the world of swinging, SDC Swingers is designed to help you discover something new.

It’s one of the world’s largest online communities for swingers. It allows couples and singles to push the boundaries of fun and intimacy.

With plenty of members, it’s continually growing. The SDC Swingers site has one of the largest international databases of any dating site dedicated to swinging. If this sounds like something you might like, continue reading to find our full SDC Swingers review below.

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sdc registration
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sdc logo

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Is The SDC Website Worth It? Our Recommendation Upfront

SDC Swingers does have its flaws. The website is poor. There’s no refund policy. And even with a 7-day trial, you’re still limited in what you can do.

The app is nothing special; it copies the content from the desktop site. However, it’s a solid swinging dating site with a large membership and critical safety features.

There is plenty of on-site content to sink your teeth into, and there’s no pressure to meet anyone if you don’t feel comfortable.

It might not be the best option if you’re new, as the images can get graphic. But, if that’s what you’re after and you’re ready to dive into the world of swinging fully, give it a go. 2.9 / 5.

Overall SDC Rating

SDC Swingers
sdc registration

Product Name: SDC Swingers

Product Description: is the world’s largest swinger lifestyle community and dating website to find hookups and threesomes with other SDC members.

Brand: SDC Swingers

Offer price: 12.00

Currency: USD

Availability: OnlineOnly

Offer URL:

Valid until: August 31, 2023

  • Popularity

  • Features

  • Ease of Use

  • Value

  • Safety




Pros And Cons Of The SDC Website

✓ Pros Of SDC Swingers

  • The content across the site is of good quality.
  • There’s a large number of members.
  • You can go to swinging parties in a safe and controlled environment.

X Cons Of SDC Swingers

  • The website quality is relatively poor.
  • There’s no refund policy.
  • They do not match members.

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SDC Swingers Date Club Member Structure

This site is for anyone who’s into swinging or wants to discover something new. Members range from singles to couples looking for like-minded individuals. Many are looking to have a threesome.

  • Members: There are over 3 million members worldwide. Five hundred thousand are from the UK.
  • Member activity: 200,000 members are active weekly
  • Gender proportion: Women: 20%. Men: 80%. Couples: 50%.

Age Range

  • 18-24: 15%
  • 25-34: 18%
  • 35-44: 20%
  • 45-54: 23%
  • 55+: 24%

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How Do SDC Swingers Work?

If you want to hook up and have fun, SDC Swingers makes it easy. The site brings together a pool of like-minded people.

Browse through profiles, get to know people better, and once you’ve built a level of trust, meet them either at swinging parties or somewhere safe.

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Sign Up Process

Sign-up takes about 5-10 minutes. Depending on how much information you fill out. You’ll need to specify your swing status (bisexual or straight). Then who you’re searching for, either a couple or consecutive singles?

You can also choose from full or soft swapping. Again, it depends on what you’re comfortable doing. It would help to write a headline and description about yourself and what you’re looking for and then upload your photo.

The last section lets you choose options that best describe your appearance and personality.

Some sections describe what you’re comfortable with sexually and what you like doing. Once you’ve verified your email, you’re all done.

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Ease Of Use

While using dark colors to highlight quality, the website is pretty poor. It’s outdated, and the homepage contains information, ads, and things to select. So it’s tough to know what’s what.

It does get a bit better when you start using the dating site. But overall, the user experience is a bit clunky and could be simplified.

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Chat, Messages, And Notifications

Even though SDC Swingers offers a 7-day free trial, only premium members can make contact with other swingers. For example, you can enter chat rooms but can’t interact if you’re a free member.

If you are a paying member, you can send messages, use all the chat rooms, view webcams, and use the IM service.

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Profile Quality

As long as a member has filled out all the details on sign-up, you should be able to find plenty of information about them at a glance.

However, all questions are skippable, so you will find plenty of profiles that haven’t filled out the correct information.

Only premium SDC Swingers members can view all photos. However, you might find that some members choose to hide their faces, so profile quality is, unfortunately, a bit of a mixed bag.

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SDC Swingers Date Club Mobile App

The SDC app utilizes all the same features as the desktop site. So while you’re not getting anything new, you can access everything you can on a computer for dating on the go.

It seems a bit easier to use than the website, using a more sleek, simple design you can get to grips with more quickly.

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Real-Life SDC Swinger Review

They continue to update the app and add new features. I appreciate how they have simplified the menu options. As a result, it’s easier to navigate the information on the SDC website. If you’re on the go, traveling, or on vacation, the app makes connecting with like-minded people in your area more accessible. You can access the information from the website more accessible, and you can quickly see who’s online, the events going on, and the people looking to connect. It’s an excellent addition for members, and I look forward to more.


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Key Features For SDC Swingers

  • Explore. This tab is extensive, but you can see who’s online, filter your search options, read blogs, and join swinging parties and events.
  • Connect. Get to know other members through chat rooms, webcams, and IM services.
  • Travel. Get top tips and the latest news on the best swinging places.
  • Contest. Browse explicit photos and vote for the best ones.
  • Swinging Parties. Please browse the latest parties and put them in your diary to attend.

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Is SDC Safe?

There are plenty of safety measures that SDC Swingers undertake to keep users safe, including validating profiles and looking into malicious behavior and spam.

You can also change your settings only to show the content you want to be seen by others.

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How Much Does SDC Swingers Date Club Cost?

What are the prices for membership? To upgrade your membership, you’ll pay the following prices:

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Upgrading your membership will allow you to:

  • Contact other members.
  • Update or change your profile.
  • Use the webcam chat room.
  • Validate members.
  • See all photos.
  • Use instant messenger.
  • Post in the swingers’ blogs.
  • Offer your service to other members.

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Discounts, Offers, And Promo Codes

SDC Swingers wasn’t offering a discount when we signed up. But the lifetime package provides the most cost-effective deal long term.

It’s always worth looking on Google first to see if third-party websites offer deals before signing up.

You can sometimes find money off passes if you do a Google search, so you shop around before committing.

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Do SDC Swingers Offer Free Trials?

Yes, members get a 7-day trial for a premium membership to get a taster for the website. After seven days, you can either cancel your membership and return to being free or subscribe for full membership.

While you can do most things a full member can, you still won’t be able to contact members until you fully upgrade.

Join SDC.Com Today

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How To Get Started?

SDC allows couples and single swingers to connect with members looking for a similar sexual experience. You have the option to use the site functions according to your preferences.

The members on the site hold parties where you can get on the guestlist as a premier member. These parties happen at erotic clubs and bars near you. The site also organizes parties, gatherings, and events for members to participate in.

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What Is SDC?

SDC means Swingers Date Club, one of the most significant swinging lifestyle websites with over three million members worldwide. SDC Swingers is an erotic dating site that hopes to provide an exciting place for singles and couples to connect.

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May I Change My Swing Status From Single To Couple Or Reverse?

Yes, you can change your status. But first, you will need to contact the site’s help desk. Before getting someone, you need to ensure that your profile information and pictures are up to date, which will help their support team determine if you’re in a position to change your status.

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Why Can’t I Message Other SDC Swingers Members?

You can chat with other members if you see a green messenger icon next to their login name because the member has turned off his messaging function without the green messenger icon.

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Can I Permanently Delete My SDC Profile?

Yes, you can permanently delete your profile if you want to by going to the ‘Account’ page.

Do SDC Swingers Offer Special Features?

Yes, and some of these features include parties and events. In addition, the website offers excellent features like live videos, chat rooms, etc.

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Do I Need To Pay To Be Part Of A Party Guest List?

You must have full membership if you want to add yourself to a party guest list.

If you are already a full member of SDC, there are no additional costs.

Are The SDC Travel Offers Free Of Charge?

Yes, you can access the travel offers of other members and do not require a subscription for this.

Other things like tickets are no longer part of the site’s services. Instead, you will need to pay for whatever the organizer requires.

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Is SDC Legit?

The site is legit. Safety measures prevent fraud and malicious acts against their terms and conditions.

Is My SDC Profile Protected?

Yes, your profile is protected. The SDC team validates all accounts by their safety measures.

You are also able to optimize your account according to your preferences. For example, you may limit the information you want to share with others on the site.

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Is The SDC Premium Membership Expensive?

Yes, SDC is expensive compared to other popular dating sites for the swing community. However, the events the site hosts are worth the money if you want an experience.

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Will My SDC Membership Automatically Renew?

Your account will be auto renewed unless you switch this off; guarantee no pause in your experience.

Is SDC Free?

Yes, SDC is free. The Basic membership option requires no payment. You can use more site features if you sign up for a plan.


Sign-Up and Login Process

The Sign-up process for is just like most other online dating websites where new users must sign-up by submitting personal information such as Username, Password, Email address, and location. After submitting, the website will query new users with more personal information regarding sexual preference, orientation, and other questions where they use the information to help you find couples and individuals with similar needs. Once completing the questions, new users will need to verify their accounts by opening their email accounts and clicking on the verification link sent by All-in-all, the process should take 5 to 8 minutes.


As focuses more on actual activities than one-on-one interactions, the website requires new members to become premium subscribers if they are looking to message other users as well as join the various chat rooms. Those with premium memberships are able to freely message other individuals or couples at their own perusal. They are also able to send more private photos to each other as well as information such as location and date of their future encounter as well as detailed information about sexual preferences.

Key Features

  • Speed Dating
  • Private and Public Party Listings
  • Access to SDC-organized events

Safety and Security
Joining is a very safe practice because the website allows only premium users to avail of the various key features. Free members will not be able to chat with other users and can only browse profiles that are open to the public. In addition, subscribers who are premium users can control how their personal information and photos appear on the website.


  • Focuses on Providing Actual Public and Private Events for Swinging Couples
  • Allows Users to Find Similar Users with Same Sexual Preference
  • Up to 3 Million Subscribers Worldwide


  • Lacks Features such as Video Chat
  • Difficult-to-Use User-Interface
  • Could Use More Single Female User Review: Swingers Date Club And My Experience Using The Site

If you’re using Uberhorny then you’re likely or I should say partially open to hooking up with swingers. There are a lot of users on the site that do nothing but search for swingers to connect with. Those same people might also use For those not familiar with the term, stands for Swingers Date Club and it’s a club that has been around for many years.

I, of course, did the unthinkable and decided to give the SDC network a shot. The main reason I did this was to be able to compare and contrast it to

While I did end up meeting a few swinger members, it certainly wasn’t the best experience in the world. However, it definitely wasn’t the worst! I’ll give you a quick recap of my experience using the site and everything that I learned in doing so. Review

My Review of Swingers Date Club aka SDC

The first thing you need to know about this site is that the user interface is a bit outdated. It looks like a typical old school dating site with a few tweaks here and there but that’s it. The site has been updated and revamped over the years about four times but that’s it really.

If you take a moment to read the homepage, you’ll notice that the signup is super simple. All they require are the basics e.g. username, email, password, location. That makes it pretty simple to join. The site is completely free to join too and they’ve been in business since 1999. The company that owns and operates this site is based out of the Netherlands.

Using The Site

If you decide to use this site, you’ll quickly realize that it’s not as advanced or fast as the new sites being created today but it works. The site is also super strict in terms of what they accept and don’t accept in terms of behavior.

Be sure to read all the information to learn everything about the site before joining and using the services. Searching to find someone to hook up with is fairly easy but it lacks some of the technology that uber horny and other mobile sex apps have.

As for my personal experience, you’ll be happy to know that I did meet a couple of people using this site. However, that only happened when I decided to upgrade my membership from free to paid status. The monthly membership cost me roughly $10 a month I think.

The best feature was the ability to attend swinger events. Aside from that, there’s no way I’d choose this over other sites I use. The reason being, that many of the other sites that I’ve been using have swinger members and it’s just as easy to connect with them.

Did I Bang Swingers? 

Truth is that I did not bang any local swingers using this site but I didn’t go out of my way to try and do so either. However, I was able to connect with locals that were interested in sharing their wives and girlfriends.

The only problem I had with that was they wanted me to allow them to watch. I’m all for getting kinky and even having a threesome but I’m not the type that likes to let someone sit in the corner and watch me bang their woman.

Sorry, I’m more of the traditional type of guy that just wants to have sex with the local dirty college girl down the street or maybe the desperately horny milf that needs some more action.

Conclusion: Final Thoughts on

While I can’t completely bash this site because it kinda works, I can still say that it’s definitely not the best site for those looking for new-age technology and quick hookups.

I’ve spent years having sex with swingers and I seem to be able to easily connect with horny couples in plenty of other dating networks. I don’t need one that’s dedicated to only connecting me with swingers. I want more variety than that! SDC aka Swinger’s Date Club just isn’t for me.

Unfortunately, not all of my reviews are positive or even slightly positive. However, I still feel that it’s important that I share them with you. Check these reviews out below as well:

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Author Matthew Hussey

Matthew Hussey is a prominent dating coach and accomplished articles author. With a personal journey of overcoming dating challenges, he transitioned into coaching to help others navigate the complexities of modern relationships. Drawing from psychology and interpersonal dynamics, Hussey's relatable advice gained rapid recognition through workshops, seminars, and media appearances. As an articles author, he extends his impact, providing actionable insights that empower individuals to create meaningful connections. Visit my: Website, Facebook or Instagram.

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